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What Is F1 In Schools?

F1 in Schools is the largest and most successful international, school-based STEM competition. Annually, winners of the national final in each participating country go on to the world finals, which are held in a host country, and live streamed globally at the Grand Prix.

The competition requires students to form and properly finance an F1 team to design and manufacture a miniature CO2-powered F1 car. Similarly to real F1, teams must put together a pit booth, make a  verbal presentation, compile engineering and enterprise portfolios and answer judges' questions on anything from the aero-dynamics of the car to the colour palette they chose for branding. They then finally race against other teams. Each of these steps offer fantastic exposure and association opportunities for sponsors. 

Why we need your help

F1 in schools is no cheap competition and can cost up to €60,000 in expenses to get to the World Finals. it takes hours and hours of hard work as well. We need all the support we can get in order to succeed and get the most out of this competition. We are a non-profit and each penny you kindly donate will go towards the competition.

As F1 in Schools is an official F1 competition, we can give your company access to a market within these communities. This ranges from our social media to the Grand Prix post world finals, and the thousands who watch the competition live and on stream. We can help promote your business and give you access to many benefits, some of which are listed below

  • F1 in Schools is a major part of Marist school life

  • Marist students, parents and alumni follow the efforts of our team

  • The school promotes our efforts and supports our social media

  • Articles in newspapers

  • Pieces in local radio (Athlone Community Radio)

  • Social media will reach 13-18 year olds globally, as well as STEM and F1 enthusiasts

  • In Marist College, the name of your company will be associated with a major school activity and all the excitement and energy that comes with that. In Athlone and the wider area, your brand will be associated with a competition that encourages interest in STEM subjects and enterprise among students.

Let’s Work Together

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F1 in Schools

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